Sudheer Varma says it is not copied From Short Films

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Fri, May 19, 2017, 12:02 PM

Sudheer Varma says it is not copied From Short Films

Hyderabad May 19: Sudheer Varma is one of the best young directors in the Tollywood. He is quite well known for his outspokenness on copying or stealing movies that he likes. In fact, Sudheer is one moviemaker who openly gives credit to the directors from whom he stole the scenes. But one allegation has upset him.

"After Dohchay released, a few alleged that the film was copied from a short film Nau Do Gyarah. I was shocked. I didn't even hear the name. Only after someone sent the reference, I saw the short film that was copied from BBC's Tv series Hustle. Dohchay was also inspired from Hustle. Since not many know about Hustle, many thought, I copied from the short film which is not true at all. In my opinion, copying or inspiring are not different. Both are same," says Director Sudheer whose next Keshava is also 'inspired' from several Hollywood films.

Sudheer Varma opened up about the rumors that Keshava is inspired from Crank? "No, not at all. Keshava has nothing to do with the Crank. Keshava has several inspirations. But there is no specific film from which the film is inspired from. Certainly, it is not Crank."

Talking about Keshava, Sudheer shares, "The film is one of my best works till date. I'm quite confident on it. I believe, the film is going to be a career-turning film for Nikhil. It is his show completely. The film is slick with a run-time of 1.56 hours." Sudheer adds that the movie's cinematography and background score are going to be the two big assets which will take the film to the next level. He also credits producer Abhishek for not intervening in the making and providing necessary infrastructure, facilities on time.

Sudheer Varma is working with Sharwanand for his next, it is also an action-thriller. Keshava is going to release on May 19.