Keshava is a inspired movie says director

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Keshava is a inspired movie says Sudheer Varma

Hyderabad May 17: Director Sudheer Varma's last movie was 'Dohchay' was flopped, he had received a setback that he wasn't expecting. It took a while for him to realize and overcome the phase. In fact, Sudheer admits his mistake in his long conversation with leading web channel.

Do you upset with Dohchay movie?

I was very upset after the film failed. But I realized the flaws in the film. But the film isn't such a bad film to be written off. I don't say it is a great film, but Dohchay was a decent film. Poor marketing and time of the release have to be blamed for its failure. Despite its failure, I got calls and messages from several heroes in the industry. Many producers were also willing to work with me after Dohchay. That's what made me happy and realize that success or failure isn't constant. The film was not received well at the Box Office. But I didn't fail as a director. That kept me going.

What do you say about Ravi Teja?

Ravi Teja and I were supposed to work for a film after Dohchay. Everything including story was finalized. But he had a commitment for Dil Raju (Venu Sriram's film that later shelved off). So, he asked for some time. Certainly, we are going to do the same story as soon as we both get free. It is going to be made on a large scale with relatively bigger budget than my films.

How was the working Nikhil for the second time?

In the meantime, I checked with Nikhil whether he is free to work with me. Nikhil is in success streak and buoyed with the success of 'Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada'. After the last working day of EPC late night, Nikhil joined the shoot of Keshava in Vizag the next day without a break. He is very passionate and also excited about the story. The film is going to be a game-changer for his career. He will shine in the film.

What do you say about the Keshava?

It's a revenge drama. I don't say it as a crime though it has shades of it. But it all started when I was discussing with my close friend, soulmate Krishna Chaitanya with whom I discuss every film of mine. He involves in scripts of my films, songs of my films and pens lyrics for the songs. It was him who told me about this idea of having a rare disease - heart on the right side. I got very excited and the total script shaped up very well. That's the genesis of Keshava. Producer Abhishek, Prashant Pillai, Cinematographer Divakar Mani and Editor SR Sekhar are the four pillars of the Keshava. Abhishek knew the story, but he hasn't seen a single scene of the film to date apart from the ones in the teaser, trailer. He never involved in the filmmaking process. Divakar Mani's visuals blew away. One of the best visuals one will ever see in this genre. Music director Sunny was busy with Arjit Singh and I wanted to get the background score done in between. Sunny himself had suggested Prashant Pillai's name. I knew his work especially Prashant's work for Malayalam film City of God

What about the Crime in the movies?

Yes, both Swamy Ra Ra and Dohchay have crime as the central theme. But Keshava is more of revenge. It is different from both my previous films that had comedy. 'Keshava' is a completely intense film. Though there are love and scenes of Vennela Kishore, there is not a single scene in the film which deviates from the story. It is gripping two hours. I may enjoy family films like Bommarillu, but I can never make one such since I don't know where to say 'cut' to an emotional scene. I can only make a film with my strengths. Even actors, who love to work with me, come to me only after watching my previous work. So, they know what I'm going to deliver.

Is the Keshava movie is Inspired or Copied?

According to me, inspiration or copy, both are same. That's why I give credit to the directors from whom I steal the scenes. Keshava too inspired from several films but not any one particular film. So, in the special thanks, card, I mentioned each director from whose films I took inspiration for Keshava. This is my way of paying tribute to the scenes that left a great impact on me.

My favorite directors are Quentin Tarantino (his shots), Christopher Nolan (Interstellar), Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg (his frames), Mani Ratnam, RGV, Rajkumar Santoshi, Rajkumar Hirani and etc.

His latest movie Keshava is going to release on May 19.