Murali Mohan about his relation with Jaya chitra

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Sat, May 13, 2017, 12:34 PM

Murali Mohan about his relation with Jaya chitra

Hyderabad, May 13: Gossips are not new to the industry, as they are from the olden days only. Even there were rumors about the senior actor Murali Mohan.

When Murali Mohan's career is at the peak as a hero..there was a several rumors that he is going to marry heroine Jaya Chitra.

As he was a married man by then, it has become a hot topic at that time. Was he really ready to marry Jaya Chitra? Why the issue became a big talking point? Murali Mohan has answered all these questions recently in a TV Channel program hosted by comedian Ali.

He said that "I was already married by the time I entered the film industry. I had two children also. I got a movie offer unexpectedly. I was 33 then. As I was leaving my family businesses and entering the film industry, I made up my mind that I should not take any wrong step because I will be answerable to my wife and children. So I have put some conditions to myself.. not to touch alcohol.. never to gamble etc. But some people started rumors about me and Jaya Chitra. As we both did films together continuously, those rumors might have surfaced".

Once I was entering a studio with Jaya Chitra for shooting... I have observed some people were talking about me by showing us. Atluri Purna Chandra Rao, who introduced me to the industry called me into the makeup room and asked 'Are you going to marry Jaya Chitra?'... I was shocked to hear this. Then he has shown me a gossip published in a Tamil film magazine. I started a banner 'Murali Chitra'.. so they have written that Murali is my name and Chitra is Jaya Chitra name. I told Purna Chandra Rao garu that I was already married. I don't have any relationship with Jaya Chitra. She is just my colleague.

I've sent a legal notice to the magazine later and they have apologized us. When Dasari garu... Jaya Chitra.. and me were traveling by to Hyderabad from Chennai some years later on different works.. some magazine has written a news with a heading Murali Mohan - Jaya Chitra are going to marry in the presence of Dasari. But I stopped caring about such news later."