Hebah Patel open up about relationship

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, May 04, 2017, 03:48 PM

Hebah Patel open up about relationship

Hyderabad May 04: Hebah Patel is the one of the successful heroine of the Tollywood. She has entered into Telugu industry with 'Kumari 21F' movie.

Hebah Patel disclosed that her biggest dream to buy a house for herself and her family in Mumbai. She said an interview "My entire family stays in Mumbai. I wish to buy a house for them. You know..buying a house in Mumbai isn't a joke. I need lots of money and hence I am signing films. That's the biggest goal of mine at present. I might even buy a house for ourselves in Hyderabad itself," she hints.

Hebah about Differences with hero Raj Tarun: "He is a good friend of Mine. All these are just rumors. I couldn't walk the ramp with Raj on that day because I was speaking to a Top Director then. Raj Tarun understood My Situation but people mistook that we had a clash. After we began working for 'Andagadu', These people said that we had a patch-up. What should I do if such baseless reports were spread?."

When she was quizzed about Exposing on & off the screen, Hebah asked Media to give her a list suggesting what she should wear from now.

Asked about Remuneration Hike, then she replied: "I would be happy if anyone could say how much more I have been demanding. My Mother & Manager takes care of My Remuneration. I don't bother about a money matter."

Hebah Patel latest movie 'Angel' is going to release soon. and the Shoot of 'Andagadu' movie which is her hat-trick with Raj Tarun is in last leg stage.