Akshara Haasan opened about her relationship

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Mon, Apr 03, 2017, 12:25 PM

Akshara Haasan opened about her relationship

Chennai April 03: Akshara Haasan is the younger daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika's, She has worked in 3 Bollywood movies till and here upcoming movie is 'Vivegam', in a candid-best interview she has opened up about their parent's separation and about her relations.

Responding to rumors of dating Bollywood actor Tanuj Virwani, Akshara clarifies and set the record straight, "There's no truth in it. We're best friends and I wonder where this news came from. We have a lot of common friends. We have a group and it goes, 'So you guys are dating, huh?'."

After making her debut with Shamitabh, Akshara is prepping up for her second Hindi film, "Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana" where she is working with her ex-boyfriend Vivaan Shah. And Akshara admits her relationship with him but says it's a thing of past. "We know each other since childhood. We used to run around on the sets of 'Hey Ram'. So, it's easy for both of us to work with each other. Personally, we decided to move on and we're just friends now. So, I remember only friendship."

On Marriage & Separation of Parents

Akshara says that she doesn't know whether she's game for marriage or not. But she says it varies from individual to individual and so she suggests everyone go by their heart and do whatever works for them. She said she was hurt when her parents were separated but she later realised that if two people are not happy together, they probably shouldn't be together as it makes it worse. She, however, adds that the failure of their parents' marriage hasn't changed her perception of marriage.


Akshara says she has more boyfriends since school than girls and she always used to hang out with boys. She quips that she has boy's brain and girl's body as she thinks like a boy. She credits her love for cars to her friends (boys) in school. She says she was called by her friends 'Hey bro or Ae boy, come here'. She said this is second time she has grown up her hair and it's for her acting career.

Shruti Haasan

Akshara heaps praise on her elder sister Shruti and say she has an aura around her. "Shruti has that aura, I am still trying to get there. She forces me to put on m a k e u p (laughs). 'You better do this', she teases me. However, I like to keep it real as make-up suffocates my skin. So, I usually avoid it unless I am required to wear it," signs off Akshara.