Beach selfie swept away to death

     Written by : SMTV24x7 | Thu, Mar 23, 2017, 05:56 PM

Beach selfie swept away to death

Vishakapatnam, March 23L: Now a days, Selfie deaths are hiking excessively means, Most of the people have died while taking selfies at dangerous places like hill areas, towers, beaches etc.

While coming to details, Two teenagers who had ventured into the sea and were taking a group selfie got washed away at Jodugullapalem beach in the city on Wednesday morning.

The deceased were identified as R K Amrutha (17), a first-year Intermediate student at Visakha Valley School and Dommalapalli Mohan Kalyan, a second-year Intermediate student at SVK Junior College. While the body of Amrutha, a resident of PM Palem, washed ashore during the day, that of Kalyan, a resident of Madhurawada, is yet to be recovered.

According to police, soon after completing their Inter exams, five students Anil, Rajesh, Srinidhi and Amrutha and Kalyan were on Wednesday morning visited the Sri Venkateshwara Temple and after darshan of the deity there proceeded to the beach.

Srinidhi opted to stay back while the remaining four walked into the knee-deep water to take a selfie. While they were in the process, a huge wave swept them away.

While Anil and Rajesh managed to cling to the rocks nearby, the other two could not and were swept away.